Why Transgender Men should not be Allowed in Women’s Restrooms

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And why as a Woman you should be Concerned

OK, I am going to share this. I haven’t told anyone about it, but in light of the controversy regarding men who “identify as female” to use the women’s restroom, I wanted to share my own personal experience – and you need to read it, especially if you are a biologically natural female or love one.

This is why I am against transgender men being allowed in the women’s restroom.

I was in Walmart a couple of months ago and I went into the women’s restroom that is located in the front of the store (this is in Goose Creek, South Carolina, near Charleston).

A young girl had walked in just ahead of me; she was maybe 10 or 11 years old. She went into the first stall and I went to the next one. As I walked in, I glanced toward the entrance to see an transgender man walk in (he was wearing a green dress, make up, medium length hair – but absolutely a man).

I hesitated, that maternal instinct rose up quickly but I figured the girl would be OK because she was already in the stall. So I went in my own stall. The girl started crying and I heard the mother (I assume she was the mother) come in and stand right by the door. I heard the little girl say the “scary man” was looking at her.

Then I looked up to lock eyes with him as we was staring at me through the crack in the door!

I heard the mother get the little girl out of there and I hurried up and got out too. I opened the door and nearly ran over the guy who boldly just stood there and kept staring at me.

Were any words exchanged? No.
Was anyone physically hurt? No.
But you don’t need any of that to feel threatened and uncomfortable. I definitely felt threatened.

It was a terrible experience and as women we should be protected from situations like this. Now that it is a free-for-all our protections are gone, annihilated.
If you are a woman this should concern you. If you have a woman in your life that you love, this should concern you. How is it OK to open this door, to allow things like this to happen to your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend, TO YOU?

Thing is, this happened to me before anyone really started talking about it, passing laws, and making a lot of noise about how this extremely small portion of the population should be able to make a claim (with nothing to validate it) and be given free rein to walk right into a private area where women and little girls are at their most vulnerable.

Nothing good can come from this. Situations like what happened to me and that poor little girl will be playing out over and over – until people become desensitized and no one hears our cries any longer, thrusting us right back to becoming the inferior creatures that historically we have been labeled and undoing what so many women in history have fought so valiantly for women to achieve.

This is a step backwards in women’s rights folks.

There are no laws that can govern this so the 65 year old pedophile can dress like a woman and walk right in to the ladies room at Chuck E Cheese. All he has to do is claim that he “identifies as a woman” after all.

And what’s to stop teenage boys from raiding their sister’s clothset and dressing up in order to get a free show. Forget internet porn, they can get right up close and personal in the women’s restroom at their local Taco Bell as long as they dress the part.

I find it ironic that the same society that is bashing women for breastfeeding their babies in public areas (even when covered with a blanket) is opening wide the women’s restroom door to any male who dresses as a female – as long as he says he is “transgender” or “identifies as female.”

Am I the only one who sees this as hypocritical?

And before the whiners start in, I have compassion. This type of disorder is a sad thing (and from a medical standpoint it is a disorder), but this is not the answer. Allowing anyone who dresses like a girl to walk right into the women’s restroom is not the answer. In fact, it is extremely foolish and dangerous.

Create a unisex restroom, like the ones parents with children use.

If you are going to choose to go against the grain do not violate my right to privacy in the process.

I do not hate but I do have common sense.
Nothing good can come from this.


This is a friend’s son. He has been missing since last Friday (09/18/15). He is in the Navy and is stationed here in Goose Creek, SC. No one has heard from him and his mother is worried about him.
I am asking you to do two things:
1. Please share this over and over and over on all your social media platforms.
2. Please keep this precious family in prayer.

vincent missing


bigot a

People are saying that Kim Davis can have her own religious beliefs, choices, and opinions as long as she keeps them at home (and to herself) but can’t be a Christian at work. OK, let’s flip that.

What if everyone was telling homosexuals that they could have their own beliefs, choices, and opinions at home but they couldn’t bring them to work. In other words they couldn’t be homosexual at work.

Oh, but that’s who they are, you say?

Well Kim Davis is a Christian (an Apostolic Christian, so am I); that is who she is and she cannot separate from that.

Christianity is not something you put on and take off, it is a lifestyle. When you live for God, God is your LIFE.

Oh, but homosexuals are born that way, you say?

Fine. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary (the “gay gene” was debunked in 2008) lets just go with that for the sake of argument.

If that is the case then it is even more logical to conclude that Christians are born Christian.

Wait, hear me out. Humans, ALL humans are created to coexist with a spirit being God or the devil. It is how we are made. It is designed to draw us close to our creator. So if that is the case then technically everyone is born Christian, some just move away from it or are lured away from it during the course of their lives.

What? That sounds strange to you? It’s no different than saying someone is born homosexual (with absolutely NO scientific evidence, mind you) – and Christians have scripture and psychological studies that prove what I have described.

So if these situations are essential the same when you look at it from a logical standpoint without the ridiculous barrage of straw men, red herrings, and slippery slopes that the let is using the distract everyone from the real issue, it begs the question:

Why is is called “tolerance” when it’s the homosexual agenda, yet when it comes to Christians it’s “bigotry and hatred?”

Bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person;especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group).

So, according to this, we could correctly classify those pushing the homosexual agenda bigots as well.

Why the double standard?

Why is it OK for a MALE who has decided he wants to be a girl to use the girl’s restroom in a high school? I don’t care what you call yourself, YOU’RE STILL A GUY.

And everyone it supposed to just jump on board with this perversion all in the name of “tolerance.” (as you may know, I have a lot to say about the dangers of tolerance)

This country was founded on Christian values. In fact, many of our laws have their roots in scripture. The men who wrote our Constitution did so with God in mind.

And, by the way, the wall of separation clause (separation of church and state) is NOT in the Constitution. In fact, it did not come until later when Thomas Jefferson included it in a letter, the purpose being to suggest that the Church of England not be allowed to rule over the colonies. It was not designed to force Christians into hiding, allowing them to practice their faith in church and at home only. That was never the intention for a nation that was built on Christian values.

But back to the issue at hand.

I see plenty of laws being changed and re-interpreted, even rewritten to promote the homosexual agenda lifestyle choice.

However, I also see plenty of laws being changed and re-interpreted, even rewritten to revoke and prohibit freedoms and rights attached to the Christian lifestyle choice.

So I will finish with this thought.

I hear people say that Kim Davis should find another job, one that does not compromise her religious beliefs and choices.

But if it were a homosexual who could not be homosexual on his or her job, would they be told that they should find another job where they don’t have to compromise their beliefs and choices?

I very much doubt it. In fact,

I will go so far as to say that they would pursue that place with a blood thirsty vengeance, slandering all involved at every opportunity, sending threats to involved parties, and publicly calling them bigots and haters (as those pushing the homosexual agenda have already demonstrated numerous times that this is their SOP). They have already threatened to kill Kim Davis and her family, burn down their home while they are sleeping, and rape her while forcing her husband to watch.

This, intelligent (I hope) readers, is the group that preaches tolerance and love yet refuses to extend to others the very thing they demand from them.

Anyone else see the discrepancy here?

So this brings me back to my original point.

People are saying that Kim Davis can have her own religious beliefs, choices, and opinions as long as she keeps them at home (and to herself) but she can’t be a Christian at work.

What if everyone was telling homosexuals that they could have their own beliefs, choices, and opinions at home but they couldn’t bring them to work. In other words they couldn’t be homosexual at work.

What exactly is the difference? And just who is the real bigot here?

Look Up!


The irony of technology is that while it should be closing gaps and building bridges, allowing us to communicate more effectively – and more often – we are essentially communicating less. We have lost the face to face  communication, the human touch, that reminds us all that we are human, not emotionless borgs feeding off of an endless stream of virtual data.

Yet we see it every day, people rushing about, eyes glued to the screens of their phones, communicating in the depths of a digital desert, a barren land devoid of human contact. And all the while they are missing out on the real life experiences happening around them – the ability to talk to a baby and make it laugh instead of watching a laughing baby on a video, the ability to hear the inflection and tone of their lover’s voice instead of just reading the words on a screen.

Even social media isn’t so social. Think about it. How much of what you ‘say’ online would you say to someone’s face? It is easy to hide behind a keyboard because we can say what we want and do what we want and we are still safe. After all, we are first communicating with a computer; the human on the other end is a secondary recipient of our messages.

While this isn’t necessarily saying that technology is bad, per se, there is no argument that it is sometimes misused. We often substitute technology for the realness of human contact – cuddling up to our iPhones instead or reaching out to another person. But it’s easier when you don’t have to deal with the messiness of humanity. Mobile devices don’t talk back.

And our culture is all about easy.

It is easier to type out an email than it is to write a letter by hand.

It is easier to message someone on Facebook than it is to sit down with them and have an actual conversation.

It is easier to ‘check in’ on someone by sending a text instead of making a phone call – or better yet paying them a visit.

Technology has been taken to a level in our lives that it was never intended to see. We don’t have technology; technology has us.

How did we come so far down this road? Technology is a gift. It makes it possible to cure disease, heat our homes, feed the poor, and, yes, close the miles between family members. But somewhere along the way we tipped the scales and turned technology into a god, a god we worship with every click, every like, and the countless moments we invest in choosing it over the real, living, breathing people in our lives.

We are more connected than ever yet less connected than we have ever been. Technology brought us together and we allowed it to isolate us.

So today I challenge you to look up! Write a letter by hand, have a face to face conversation with someone, pick up the phone and call to check on a friend. We don’t have to drown in our technology; we don’t have to stay disconnected. Find a balance, rejoin the world, and touch people.

How will you reconnect today?

A Letter to the Person who Receives my Organs

Life - Stuart Miles

NOTE from Stephanie:

This is not intended to sway you in one direction or another when making the very personal decision of becoming an organ donor. I just wanted to share my reasons for making the choice to be an organ donor.
To the recipient or recipients of my organs:

I wanted to write this letter to you now because when I am finally able to give you this gift I will no longer have the ability to write. It’s OK though. At that point Jesus will have decided that my time on earth is over and He will have taken me home to be with Him. How exciting that will be!

I want you to know why I chose to give you this gift. It wasn’t for glory or praise. I don’t want to be a hero (which I am not!). It was love, plain and simple. I pray for you even now that God’s will be done in your life. I pray that you know the joy of Christ because there truly is nothing like it!

I want you to know that we are linked now. The gift of life has bound us together. Though I lie below the ground, you keep a part of me alive within your own body. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to give you this awesome gift. I wanted to leave something paramount when I was no longer a resident of this earth. I can do that through you. See, you have helped me as much as I have helped you. We have given each other a new lease on life. Please, treasure it.

Throughout my life I have wanted to help others. I wanted to give hope to people, to families and this is one way that I knew I could do that. I do not know your beliefs, but I want you to understand from my perspective, from my faith, that I strongly feel that God chose us to be linked long before either of us was ever on this earth. He knew that at some point our lives would cross and that you would have a need that only I could fill so He put in my heart the desire to make the commitment to give my own gift of life so that you could have another day. And I am so happy that He chose you!

Please, do not feel any guilt that I had to die so that you could live. That was the plan. My time was finished here and it was time for me to be with my Father. But I don’t need these organs where I am going so I want you to have whatever you need to give you the life that you want and deserve. I have chosen my words carefully here because I want you to understand exactly how I feel and what I want you to do.

My dear, I want you to LIVE.

Feel free to have your “days” feel blue and don’t feel bad or guilty about it. Please be grateful, but be human too. Don’t stop living just because I did. In my death I gave the most wonderful, valuable gift that I could – life. And I wanted to. I wanted to give someone a chance at life within the tragedy of death. I planned it for years, considered it in depth, and discussed it with my family. This was not a decision that was arrived at lightly. I thought about it. I thought about YOU, your family, even though I do not know you personally. I knew you in my heart though and God had already chosen me for you (He knew us before He formed us, did you know that?). And if I can give you just one more day of life, your family just one more day of having you, then it is all worth it.

I want you to know that I worked very hard to keep my organs healthy for you. I took good care of my body, maintained a healthy diet and exercised so that when you receive my heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, whatever, they will serve you well. I wanted my gift to you to be in optimal condition. As I said, I have planned this for a long time.

Just do me a favor, please. Take time for the important things. Hug your kids, tell those you care about that you love them, do something kind for someone else. Take a walk, pick some flowers, stop every now and then to just enjoy this beautiful world that the Lord has given us. I can tell you from experience that time passes way too quickly. If you don’t take time to live today, you may not have the chance tomorrow.

Slow down, clear your schedule. People are too busy and rushed and they miss so much. Just stop, be still, and breathe. Look around, appreciate beauty, and savor every moment that God has given you. And please, please, thank Jesus for giving you another day. That’s a gift, you know.

So, please, when you feel that soft breeze on your face or the sun seems to gently caress your skin, when you feel alive, please raise your hands to heaven and thank God for bringing us together. All of this is because of Him. He put the desire in my heart and He has ordered my steps. I wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot, but I tried to live for Him the best I could. I hope you know Him and if you don’t, I pray that someday someone will love you enough to show you His face and tell you just how much He loves you.

This is my gift to you. Please take good care of it – and don’t ever forget to LIVE.

God bless you,
Stephanie M.