This is a friend’s son. He has been missing since last Friday (09/18/15). He is in the Navy and is stationed here in Goose Creek, SC. No one has heard from him and his mother is worried about him.
I am asking you to do two things:
1. Please share this over and over and over on all your social media platforms.
2. Please keep this precious family in prayer.

vincent missing


Stimming and the “Loop”

The Christian Aspie



I printed this and hung it in my office. At work, a lot of my days are “stimmy” days.

Stimming is a term used for self stimulation, something we Aspies know well. Stimming can include behaviors such as rocking, talking, making noises, hand flapping, slapping (own legs, face, etc.) and any other number of other things. It is a way to manage overstimulation.

Today I am chewing gum, lots of it. Chewing gum helps to keep me from more disruptive stimming. I have a lot of thoughts in my head that are troubling me. Some things are going on in my life that are upsetting. My husband is great, but sometimes I wish I had a friend to talk to, a female friend.

But I don’t so I just do what I can. I rely a lot on my husband, but sometimes I am afraid it is too much…

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