A Letter to the Person who Receives my Organs

Life - Stuart Miles

NOTE from Stephanie:

This is not intended to sway you in one direction or another when making the very personal decision of becoming an organ donor. I just wanted to share my reasons for making the choice to be an organ donor.
To the recipient or recipients of my organs:

I wanted to write this letter to you now because when I am finally able to give you this gift I will no longer have the ability to write. It’s OK though. At that point Jesus will have decided that my time on earth is over and He will have taken me home to be with Him. How exciting that will be!

I want you to know why I chose to give you this gift. It wasn’t for glory or praise. I don’t want to be a hero (which I am not!). It was love, plain and simple. I pray for you even now that God’s will be done in your life. I pray that you know the joy of Christ because there truly is nothing like it!

I want you to know that we are linked now. The gift of life has bound us together. Though I lie below the ground, you keep a part of me alive within your own body. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to give you this awesome gift. I wanted to leave something paramount when I was no longer a resident of this earth. I can do that through you. See, you have helped me as much as I have helped you. We have given each other a new lease on life. Please, treasure it.

Throughout my life I have wanted to help others. I wanted to give hope to people, to families and this is one way that I knew I could do that. I do not know your beliefs, but I want you to understand from my perspective, from my faith, that I strongly feel that God chose us to be linked long before either of us was ever on this earth. He knew that at some point our lives would cross and that you would have a need that only I could fill so He put in my heart the desire to make the commitment to give my own gift of life so that you could have another day. And I am so happy that He chose you!

Please, do not feel any guilt that I had to die so that you could live. That was the plan. My time was finished here and it was time for me to be with my Father. But I don’t need these organs where I am going so I want you to have whatever you need to give you the life that you want and deserve. I have chosen my words carefully here because I want you to understand exactly how I feel and what I want you to do.

My dear, I want you to LIVE.

Feel free to have your “days” feel blue and don’t feel bad or guilty about it. Please be grateful, but be human too. Don’t stop living just because I did. In my death I gave the most wonderful, valuable gift that I could – life. And I wanted to. I wanted to give someone a chance at life within the tragedy of death. I planned it for years, considered it in depth, and discussed it with my family. This was not a decision that was arrived at lightly. I thought about it. I thought about YOU, your family, even though I do not know you personally. I knew you in my heart though and God had already chosen me for you (He knew us before He formed us, did you know that?). And if I can give you just one more day of life, your family just one more day of having you, then it is all worth it.

I want you to know that I worked very hard to keep my organs healthy for you. I took good care of my body, maintained a healthy diet and exercised so that when you receive my heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, whatever, they will serve you well. I wanted my gift to you to be in optimal condition. As I said, I have planned this for a long time.

Just do me a favor, please. Take time for the important things. Hug your kids, tell those you care about that you love them, do something kind for someone else. Take a walk, pick some flowers, stop every now and then to just enjoy this beautiful world that the Lord has given us. I can tell you from experience that time passes way too quickly. If you don’t take time to live today, you may not have the chance tomorrow.

Slow down, clear your schedule. People are too busy and rushed and they miss so much. Just stop, be still, and breathe. Look around, appreciate beauty, and savor every moment that God has given you. And please, please, thank Jesus for giving you another day. That’s a gift, you know.

So, please, when you feel that soft breeze on your face or the sun seems to gently caress your skin, when you feel alive, please raise your hands to heaven and thank God for bringing us together. All of this is because of Him. He put the desire in my heart and He has ordered my steps. I wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot, but I tried to live for Him the best I could. I hope you know Him and if you don’t, I pray that someday someone will love you enough to show you His face and tell you just how much He loves you.

This is my gift to you. Please take good care of it – and don’t ever forget to LIVE.

God bless you,
Stephanie M.


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