A Typical Morning in my Mobile Office

mobile office

Since I now have “no fixed address” my office changes depending on where I can get the best wifi. Some may thing this would be a headache, but to me, it is rather fun. I sit here, doing my work and listen to the world around me. I have seen a lot on these mornings in my mobile office, some delightful, some funny, and some heartbreaking.

Just this morning as I sat in McDonald’s with my coffee, I heard a man cursing out his young children while they had breakfast before school, chatted with a fascinating gentleman who is starting his own business, and listened to two elderly men discuss elderly men stuff. As I said, some were heartbreaking – we reported the man with the children to the management. He threatened them using awful language several times. You can’t be too careful.

Now, as I sit listening to these men I have to chuckle. The conversations go something like this.

Man 1: How did you break your ribs?

Man 2: I fell.

Man 1: How did you fall?

Man 2: I don’t know. I just fell.

Man 1: You need to see a doctor to see why you fell.

Man 2: I did see a doctor. He gave me pain pills.

Man 1: You’re not listening to me! You need to find out why you fell! I bet it’s your ears. You need to see a doctor about your ears.

Man 2: I’m going to the doctor to see about getting hearing aids.

And this one made me laugh out loud.

Man 1: The paper here says that South Carolina is tied with Montana for having the worst drivers.

Man 2: Montana?! There’s nobody in Montana! How can there be that many bad drivers?

And then there was this exchange:

Man 1: The paper here says that this writer died – P.D. James. I ain’t ever heard of her.

Man 2: I ain’t heard of her either and I’ve read a lot of books.

Man 1: She must not be any good then.

Man 2: Must not.

As I sit in this booth I listen to them talk about being in the military, about their mothers, about how good their mothers cooked, and about their dogs.

Who needs TV when LIFE is happening all around us? It’s far more interesting.


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