The Truth about Selfies


It seems like everyone is taking selfies these days. Everywhere I look there are photos of people, staring into a camera (the women usually hold it way over their head so they are looking up – them men tend to take it more at eye level or a tad higher – yes, a pattern has been identified), eyes wide and a portion of their arm on the side or bottom.

Obvious selfies.

So, since this has become an epidemic, let’s talk about it, the implications and possible consequences.

The majority of selfies out there are nothing more than self-glorification. It is vain, narcissistic and intended to incite a response by sexual or romantic interests. The high angle of the camera by most women arches the back and raises the head, tossing it back – very sexual in nature.

And men aren’t much better. But men seem to just want women to look at them and lust after them. They don’t do the ’presentation’ that women do. But the same pretense is there.

Ladies, it doesn’t matter how much you protest, the fact is still there. Selfies are sensual and are intended to invoke a sexual response whether it is through simple attention and complimenting or something more.

How do I know this? Well, in my younger years I modeled – then I was a fashion photographer. Sex was my business. The way you position yourself for your selfies is the same way I positions many a model for the sexy, sensual shots.

And it was intended to create lust.

Claim you are showing off an outfit? Stand in a mirror and take the photo. You don’t need to hold the phone way over your head so you are presenting – can’t see the outfit anyway.

Oh, you’re showing off your hairstyle? Well, can you tell me how a full face photo of you with your head thrown way back (presenting) shows your hair? Yeah, it doesn’t. Maybe a little in the front, I’ll give you that, but no, not showing much of the hair. If you really wanted to show the hairstyle you would take a picture of the actual hairstyle – from the side and back.

The pouty lips and flowing long hair – all very sensual. Trust me, honey; it was my job to make women look as sensual as possible in photos. Whether you intend to be sensual or not, you are doing it.

Look, I am not coming down hard on anyone and a respectable selfie here and there is one thing. But when your timeline is riddled with them,(and for those of you who do not understand the concept of moderation, that would be in the neighborhood of more than 1 or 2 every couple of weeks), well, then you just may have a self-glorification problem.

Just. Say. No. To Selfies!


graphic by bplanet


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