Why I don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

no resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

I know a lot of people do it, but I don’t. Call me practical; call me weird. I don’t really care. Resolving to make changes in your life then waiting for a specific day to start – it just makes no sense to me.

If you are going to change, just do it. I don’t see the point in setting a day to start, I mean, what is that? A goal to begin reaching a goal?

The way I see it, if I need to make changes in my life, I am going to start NOW. I don’t need a certain time of year or a special day or even a day of the week to choose then wait on its arrival in order to make changes in my life.

I am going to start TODAY.

We see it all the time. People waiting until January 1 to start budgeting or lose weight or stop smoking. Why not today?

They say on Friday that on Monday they will stop eating junk food or they’ll read their Bible more or start looking for their dream job.

What is wrong with starting on Friday? I mean, if you are going to do it why the pause? The hesitation? The delay? All of this putting off getting started is nothing more than a fancy way to procrastinate.

Life is short and time moves so fast. We need to jump in with both feet and not wait for an excuse to make a change.

Or is that just an excuse to put off making a change?

Granted, some changes take planning, but many you can begin immediately. You may be taking baby steps until the ‘big day’ but at least you will be in motion, working toward making your life better, the world better, yourself better.

So I don’t make New Year’s resolutions; I believe that we should be striving every single day to be better, to change, to make the world a better place. I believe that every day should be devoted to self-improvement whether it is learning a new language or losing weight or getting fit or making a budget.

Every single day should be a day of change, of asking, ‘How can I be a better person today? How can I improve myself today? WHAT CONTRIBUTIONS CAN I MAKE TO THE WORLD TODAY?

No resolutions to work toward, just today; just now. That’s my philosophy.

Yeah, I’m kind of a rebel like that.


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