Phil who?


I want to set the record straight on my stance with this Duck Dynasty thing.

For me, it isn’t about the show at all. Personally, I don’t watch it. I have maybe seen it a handful of times and always at someone else’s home.

For me, it is about Christians having the freedom to share the Word of God, whether that is in a church, a street corner or a GQ magazine interview, without any repercussions such as what happened to this Phil character.

For me, it is about having the FREEDOM to OPENLY and HONESTLY answer a question about my own morals and values when asked and not fear censorship, being ostracized or worse.

For me, it is about ending the hypocrisy of the liberal left. They are free to bash Christians, Jesus, God, our lifestyle and values. They are free to attack us, berate us, tell us how ‘wrong’ we are, how the God we love and live for is not real and the Bible we strive to live our lives by is nothing but a book of ‘fairy tales.’

Yet, when we express our personal opinions and values based on the God we love and live for and the Bible we strive so hard to live our lives by, WE are the haters and bigots.

For me, all this is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHTS given to ALL United States Citizens by the U.S. Constitution, not only the liberal left.

Just as they are free to call me names and publicly express their hatred for my God, my values and my Bible, I should be FREE too.
I should be FREE to stand up and express the LOVE my God has for them even in their hatred and denial.
I should be FREE to stand up and SHOW THE WORLD the love of Christ and what a life looks like when it is God led and Spirit filled.
I should be FREE to express, especially when directly asked, what my morals and values are based on scripture in that Bible they hate so much.

I am TIRED of the hypocrisy! I am TIRED of being made to feel that I cannot express my Christian values! I am TIRED of being made to feel that I should be shoved in a corner somewhere because the world does not line up with my Bible based lifestyle!

And I will not take it anymore! You will NEVER shut me up! I will NEVER hide! I CANNOT hide the difference that Christ has made in my life! He can change your life too, but if you choose to reject it that is your choice, your right, your freedom.

DON’T infringe upon my freedom to live for Him though, because I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN!