Fixed! Well Part of it Anyway…

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OK, if you have been following my saga regarding InTown Suites, explained here and photos here, then you know what I have been going through.

Well, last week the maintenance man showed up and fixed the most pressing issues which were the outlet near the bed and the cold water faucet in the bathroom. I waited to see if anything else was going to get done, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I wanted to go ahead and post this and let everyone know that some things were done.

The staff has always been exceptionally friendly, good people. The maintenance smiles all the time, even though he is under a tremendous amount of pressure. He is the only person at this property and it is old. He needs help. Everyone is super nice.

BUT when I went into the office today to pay for this week, the guy at the counter was ‘cooly polite.’ He was not his usual friendly self. Maybe he was having a bad day, people certainly are entitled to bad days, but who knows, right? Maybe my posting was noticed and people are mad.

Whatever the case, after roughly four weeks things were repaired. when I leave, I will leave a list and give it to the maintenance man so that when they clean the room they can take care of those things.

I hope that the corporate office will pay attention to these issues and give this maintenance man some help. It isn’t as if they are hurting for business. This place if full every day – they actually have to turn people away. They could afford to give these awesome people a raise, especially housekeeping and maintenance – and get another maintenance helper, even part time.

During my time here I have come to really like the people who work here. They are super friendly, helpful and kind. They always have a smile on and they always speak to you. These people deliver outstanding customer service every day even though they are stretched so thin. The powers that be need to recognize that service and reward them accordingly.

And that is my two cents because #itsmyblogandilldowhatiwant


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2 thoughts on “Fixed! Well Part of it Anyway…

  1. People in Charleston are nice in general. It sounds like those staff members definitely deserve a raise and it’s nice that some people, like you, actually recognize the hard work that they do. Stinks that you had such a bad experience at that hotel, but hopefully the rest of Charleston has been great.

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