Intown Suites – Don’t buy into the Hype on the Website

This is rather lengthy, but this has been an ordeal. If you stick with me through this I would appreciate it. You can see some photos here.

Wow, what a let down. This company talks a good game. Their website paints a completely different picture from the reality of this property.

I did my homework before moving here. I researched the places like this in the area and decided to go with Intown Suites. BIG mistake. HUGE!

I simply cannot believe that I am actually paying money to live in a place where things don’t work! Better than that, NO ONE CARES!

First the list of things that needed repair when we moved in.
1.  The outlets are worn out. When you plug in something it just falls out. I have to use the trash can to prop up the plug to charge my cell phone. Even that is tenuous. You have to be very careful. Right now my husband has his glasses on top of the trash can propping up one of our devices. It is all carefully balanced and you have to check it ever so often in case the whole set up comes apart. TRUE STORY!
2.   The cold water handle for the bathroom faucet is broken in two. Seriously. I don’t think I want to know HOW that happened, but I think it would be nice for someone to FIX it. It is very hard to turn on the cold water when you only have half a handle.
3.   The fan in the bathroom does not work. Now, we are in a very small room with no ventilation where the bathroom is. It already smells moldy and we can’t use the fan which means NO ventilation so you can’t even get the moldy smell out – or any smell – or moisture from showering.
4.   The drain in the kitchen sink won’t drain. I try to wash dishes and I have to stop every couple of dishes because the water won’t drain out. It takes FOREVER for it to drain.
5.   The flooring in the kitchen area is coming up. I put a rug over one of the tiles because I have almost fallen several times because it won’t stay put and slides all over. I don’t want to take up the tile because it is gross and cruddy underneath. ICK!
6.   The carpet in the room is filthy. It is so nasty. It smells and if you walk on it with socks or bare feet, your feet get filthy too. It is so dirty it is sticky – no bare feet. GROSS!

I can deal with the worn furniture. I can put the drawers back together on the chest. I can even overlook the showerhead that had to stay in one position because if you move it it sprays everywhere. But these items I listed, these things I simply cannot overlook.

Now, I suppose about this time you are wondering why I am so fired up. Didn’t I talk to the front office about all this?

Well, yes, I did talk to the front office. And housekeeping. And the maintenance man. And the corporate office. In fact, here is how that went:

Thursday, August 8, 2013. Housekeeping came by. My husband and I had moved in the Tuesday before. I do my own cleaning but I asked her to vacuum. She did. By the way, her name is Tonya and she is awesome, a complete doll, very friendly and helpful. Anyway, she wrote down the issues I was having (the first 4).
No response from Intown Suites.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013. When I went to pay my rent, I told the lady at the counter what was going on. I had written it down and gave her the list. She said she would get the maintenance man to my room that day.
No maintenance man, no call, NOTHING.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013. I waited all day thinking maybe he got held up or something. Maintenance man was a no-show. So at 8:47 pm I sent an email to Intown Suites corporate office through their website. I was very nice and polite, asking them to please help me get something done.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. Tonya came to do her housekeeping stuff and asked if anything had been done. I told her no so she wrote everything down again and took it to the office as soon as she left my room.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. The maintenance man showed up and looked at the issues. He didn’t do anything but said he would have two of the things fixed that day. I told corporate this in my response email.
He never came back – NEVER.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. Corporate answered my email! They asked which property it was because they wanted to”resolve these issues as soon at possible.” I told them the maintenance guy had come by.
Never heard another word – from anyone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013. I went to pay my rent and told the man at the counter about the issues we had been having. He radioed the maintenance man while my husband and I were standing there. Then he told me that he was coming to our room with the maintenance man. That was at around 11 am. It is now 5:18 pm and NO ONE has shown up. I have been right here the entire time. No one has come by, no call, no email, NOTHING.

So as I go into my third week, I am figuring I am done. We are quiet, clean (I keep this place as clean as I can, scrub the bathroom, clean the floors – a little cleaner, no water because of the tile issue, clean the counters, etc.) and we pay on time. But obviously Intown Suites does not care about its tenants, or ‘guests.’

Now it goes on my blog – with pictures.


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