Research vs. Stalking


As a writer I am naturally curious about things. As an Aspie, I am naturally curious about people. I like to watch people, observe their behaviors, listen to the things they say and read the things they write. Facebook is a plethora of information on human behavior!

One person will vent in a post, griping about mean people or rudeness. Suddenly, twenty people will respond to that post asking, “is it me you are talking about?” And that person is like, “Uh, no, it was a general post.”

I watch people in person too. I am not crazy about crowded places like malls, but if I can find a quiet corner, the mall is like a people zoo for me.

I visit blogs, read social media posts and watch people. They are just so doggone interesting! I don’t understand half of what they do but they are interesting.

It’s OK, though, most of them don’t understand me either. I am just the weird girl with Asperger’s – staring at them…


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