Intown Suites: The Photos

These are the photos from my Intown Suites room as mentioned in my post about my Intown Suites experience.


This is what we have to do to keep our things plugged in. If we don't brace them like ths, they just fall right out of the outlet. The only plug that sort of works is my computer plug and that is because it has the third prong.

This is what we have to do to keep our things plugged in. If we don’t brace them like ths, they just fall right out of the outlet. The only plug that sort of works is my computer plug and that is because it has the third prong.

This is the cold water handle for my bathroom sink. I can't even imagine how this could have happened but it was like this when we moved in.

This is the cold water handle for my bathroom sink. I can’t even imagine how this could have happened but it was like this when we moved in.


This is what my kitchen floor looks like. I put a rug over it to try to keep the tile in place.

This is what my kitchen floor looks like. I put a rug over it to try to keep the tile in place.



Intown Suites – Don’t buy into the Hype on the Website

This is rather lengthy, but this has been an ordeal. If you stick with me through this I would appreciate it. You can see some photos here.

Wow, what a let down. This company talks a good game. Their website paints a completely different picture from the reality of this property.

I did my homework before moving here. I researched the places like this in the area and decided to go with Intown Suites. BIG mistake. HUGE!

I simply cannot believe that I am actually paying money to live in a place where things don’t work! Better than that, NO ONE CARES!

First the list of things that needed repair when we moved in.
1.  The outlets are worn out. When you plug in something it just falls out. I have to use the trash can to prop up the plug to charge my cell phone. Even that is tenuous. You have to be very careful. Right now my husband has his glasses on top of the trash can propping up one of our devices. It is all carefully balanced and you have to check it ever so often in case the whole set up comes apart. TRUE STORY!
2.   The cold water handle for the bathroom faucet is broken in two. Seriously. I don’t think I want to know HOW that happened, but I think it would be nice for someone to FIX it. It is very hard to turn on the cold water when you only have half a handle.
3.   The fan in the bathroom does not work. Now, we are in a very small room with no ventilation where the bathroom is. It already smells moldy and we can’t use the fan which means NO ventilation so you can’t even get the moldy smell out – or any smell – or moisture from showering.
4.   The drain in the kitchen sink won’t drain. I try to wash dishes and I have to stop every couple of dishes because the water won’t drain out. It takes FOREVER for it to drain.
5.   The flooring in the kitchen area is coming up. I put a rug over one of the tiles because I have almost fallen several times because it won’t stay put and slides all over. I don’t want to take up the tile because it is gross and cruddy underneath. ICK!
6.   The carpet in the room is filthy. It is so nasty. It smells and if you walk on it with socks or bare feet, your feet get filthy too. It is so dirty it is sticky – no bare feet. GROSS!

I can deal with the worn furniture. I can put the drawers back together on the chest. I can even overlook the showerhead that had to stay in one position because if you move it it sprays everywhere. But these items I listed, these things I simply cannot overlook.

Now, I suppose about this time you are wondering why I am so fired up. Didn’t I talk to the front office about all this?

Well, yes, I did talk to the front office. And housekeeping. And the maintenance man. And the corporate office. In fact, here is how that went:

Thursday, August 8, 2013. Housekeeping came by. My husband and I had moved in the Tuesday before. I do my own cleaning but I asked her to vacuum. She did. By the way, her name is Tonya and she is awesome, a complete doll, very friendly and helpful. Anyway, she wrote down the issues I was having (the first 4).
No response from Intown Suites.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013. When I went to pay my rent, I told the lady at the counter what was going on. I had written it down and gave her the list. She said she would get the maintenance man to my room that day.
No maintenance man, no call, NOTHING.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013. I waited all day thinking maybe he got held up or something. Maintenance man was a no-show. So at 8:47 pm I sent an email to Intown Suites corporate office through their website. I was very nice and polite, asking them to please help me get something done.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. Tonya came to do her housekeeping stuff and asked if anything had been done. I told her no so she wrote everything down again and took it to the office as soon as she left my room.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. The maintenance man showed up and looked at the issues. He didn’t do anything but said he would have two of the things fixed that day. I told corporate this in my response email.
He never came back – NEVER.

Thursday, August 15, 2013. Corporate answered my email! They asked which property it was because they wanted to”resolve these issues as soon at possible.” I told them the maintenance guy had come by.
Never heard another word – from anyone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013. I went to pay my rent and told the man at the counter about the issues we had been having. He radioed the maintenance man while my husband and I were standing there. Then he told me that he was coming to our room with the maintenance man. That was at around 11 am. It is now 5:18 pm and NO ONE has shown up. I have been right here the entire time. No one has come by, no call, no email, NOTHING.

So as I go into my third week, I am figuring I am done. We are quiet, clean (I keep this place as clean as I can, scrub the bathroom, clean the floors – a little cleaner, no water because of the tile issue, clean the counters, etc.) and we pay on time. But obviously Intown Suites does not care about its tenants, or ‘guests.’

Now it goes on my blog – with pictures.

Walmart and Overstimulation, Oh, and Healthy Eating


Walmart is NOT your friend.

Yes, I am pretty irritated with Walmart right now. That is where we do most of our shopping although I don’t like it. My husband loves Walmart; puts his hand over his heart when he says the sacred name (not really, that is just sarcasm – we aspies can be sarcastic sometimes). But he really does like it.

I was there today picking up a few vegetables for dinner. We eat really  healthy which means we eat clean, which means we eat fresh so we have to go to the store several times a week.

You know, I was wondering, is anyone interested in learning how I cook really healthy on a very tight, very small budget? If so, let me know and I can share some recipes and tips from time to time. We eat really cheap and healthy. I also have an absolutely awesome recipe for no cook brownies that are incredible!

Anyway, I was in Walmart picking this stuff up. Walmart really is a terrible place, you know?

It is horrible for me because of my sensory processing issues. there is just too much going on with the flickering lights, noise, business and the smells. It is just too much. As I walked to the back to get eggs, I became overwhelmed with all the sounds, buggie wheels clacking, people talking, children crying, phones ringing, light buzzing, the motors in the coolers humming, doors swinging, registers clanging, feet hitting the floor, noise, noise, noise. It was awful.

I made my way to the registers only to find extremely long lines and only a few registers open. I really want to know why in the world do they have 30 or so registers in the front if they are only going to have, at best, 7 going at any given time?

So, 15 minutes I stood, listening to all the noise, getting agitated from being overwhelmed. I was stimming, rocking back and forth, but I did not care.

If Walmart really cared about its customers, they would provide better customer service.

Whatever happened to the Walmart rule that if 4 people were standing in line for the register they would open another register?

I am going to start going to the local farmer’s market and to the grocery store. I am mad at Walmart. They can keep their noisy, sensory UNfriendly store.


Cooper River Bridge photo by Stephanie A. Mayberry

Cooper River Bridge photo by Stephanie A. Mayberry


I like lines. I prefer lines and right angles over rounded corners. Guess that is the Aspie in me. I like the cleanness of lines, the straightness, the order.

I also really like overcast days. I KNOW that is an Aspie thing! The sun is way too bright, sometimes even if I wear sunglasses. I like it when the clouds hide the sun.

This is one of my favorite photos. I took it while my husband was driving across the Cooper River Bridge in South Caroline. It is a very pretty bridge, an impressive structure.

I also like this photo because that was a very good day. I like good days, don’t you?

Aspie Lapse


Today my mother-in-law took my husband and me to lunch. While we were eating, the lady came by with the drinks. I was busy attacking my baked potato (not really attacking, just preparing it) and when she asked if I had unsweetened tea, I just nodded without looking up.

Usually I try very hard to be polite because it is so easy for me to just be in my own Aspie world and be what others would perceive as rude. I have asked my husband to tell me when I lapse into the Aspie focus thing so that I can not be rude to people.

When the lady walked away, he leaned over and very quietly whispered, “You really should look at people when you talk to them. It is seen as rude when you don’t.”

I didn’t realize I had done it or that she would perceive me as rude. To me, I was focused on fixing my potato – not regular, NT focus, Aspie focus. It is very intense.

When she came by again, I looked right at her and said, “I am sorry for being rude before. I did not mean to be. Thank you for refilling my tea.”

She smiled very big and her face got shiny. I don’t really know what that means, but she said it was OK that she understood. Her voice changed to a softer, brighter tone. I think she was happy.

Anyway, I was glad that she was happy and did not have hurt feelings.

Just wish I could catch my Aspie lapses more often before I get myself into situations like that.



This is a sign I saw once in a Metro station in DC. Yeah, I snapped it with my camera phone. Not my best work, but still a cool shot.

Paper Trail

There is so much truth in the humor. I encountered cab drivers who were journalists, “homeless” people who were reporters and more “researchers” than you can shake a stick at. It seems everyone is a part of the news in some way – and paper trails are definitely NOT cool.

I have an email address that is almost exclusively for my news feed subscriptions. I guess living on Planet DC locked me into a habit of keeping my ear to the ground. LA Times, The Washington Post, The NY Times, The Blaze, Fox News (yes, I am conservative, so what?) and an odd collection of off the wall news sources give me a healthy daily dose of what is going on in the world. I tend to rise at around 4 am and use that quite time when the rest of the world is asleep to study and contemplate this crazy world I am living in.

Maybe one day I will share some of my reflections with you. Would you like that?

Take my hand…

take my hand“Take my hand,” he said. “I won’t let you fall.”

She looked up at him, her green eyes peering into his as she searched his face. Could she trust him? So many had let her fall.

He smiled, his hand still outstretched toward her. No words were needed for this moment. She saw all she needed to see, shining in his eyes.

She took his hand and he gently led her on to their next adventure…